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Fresh fish products

Prepare the most delicious recipes with our products

The products of FINtastic are very suitable for making delicious sandwiches, pasties and a variety of other lovely dishes. And if you are looking for inspiration, please check our suggestions for surprising recipes.

We wish you lots of success with creating and preparing exciting dishes for your customers, making them want to come back to you for more!

Tuna, Salmon and Sardines

The best quality of sustainably caught fish

We are proud to introduce you to our delicious fish products. If you love using Tuna, Salmon or Sardines for your dishes, then choose our FINtastic chilled products!

Whichever you choose, you can be sure that with FINtastic you are getting the best quality and sustainably caught fish.

The Soho Sandwich Co. New Product Award Winner

FINtastic is the winner of The British Sandwich Industry Awards, in the category New Product Award Ingredient, with our Poached Salmon in Pouch (1 kg).

Get to know our range of chilled products

The products of FINtastic are ideally suited for making delicious sandwiches, pastries and a variety of other lovely dishes.

Skinless and boneless

Poached Salmon in Pouch

Our Poached Salmon has the taste and texture of cooked Salmon.

Skinless and boneless

Tuna in Pouch

Tuna fillets, chunks and flakes in pouch. Our Tuna is ideal for preparing lots of tasty dishes.

Cooked Headed and Gutted

Sardines in Pouch

Another new product in our FINtastic range is chilled Sardines in various covering liquids.